Brilliant Business

You can be brilliant in business!

What does it take to be “Brilliant In Business?” Your answer, is exactly where we start to roll up our sleeves and begin the process of discovering what your real “Brilliance” is!

You and your business are much like a piece of carbon 100 miles below the earth’s surface. With the right amount of pressure and heat this piece of carbon transforms into a diamond. Yes, it does take time to transform. We take the time you need to transform. Yes, it does involve pressure and hard work. We use whatever it takes to get you from carbon to that diamond. Yes, your buttons will be pushed, you will be held accountable for your decisions and actions and the plans that you put into play to move you. Yes, it does take heat to shine up that carbon into a shinning brilliant diamond that stands out from the crowd.  We offer no guarantees of success or monetary gain, you and only you are responsible for your decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.

In today’s business world, frustrations are multifaceted and numerous: getting business, keeping the customer you have, generating new leads and prospects while staying in the fast lane of cutting edge products and ideas to sell is a challenge at best and a lot like surfing on lava.   Along with the trending in technology and how this is driving sales through social media is a daunting daily task. Why are these, a challenge in our “immediate” connected society? The answer is simpler than you might expect: “fragmentation and choice.”

Your average consumer is now watching 10.5 hours of  media a day according to the Nielsen Company. That media is viewed mostly via a mobile device.   Your average customer is intensely value conscious, ethnically diverse in their purchases, and private brand driven. Online video consumption for women ages 25 – 44 is skyrocketing. Consumers are making shorter trips outside their homes to purchase goods and services. With these facts in hand, how are you changing the way you strategize what you are doing to gain those eyes and dollars to drive them to you and your business?

The saying that a “…confused buyer never buys….” is very true today. Your customer is in a constant state of bombardment of media hype, advertising and highly influenced by those leading the trends. In other words they receive multiple messages making them fragmented. The choices available are so numerous, that the brain cannot focus on all of them and it shuts down.

Therein lies the challenge.

Janice Bastani Coaching provides you with the support; planning and process that you need to get in the game, and stay there. When you know where you are and what you want in your “Brilliant Business”, we are half way to your goal. Many businesses have no clue where they really stand, and are hoping economic times will change, and some state of “normal” will return. “Normal” isn’t on the horizon my friend, only “change.” If you are doing business the same old way you did last year, you are losing business.

Become Brilliant In Business now!

Janice Bastani Coaching helps to coach you to solutions that are aligned with who you are and what you do in your business. This isn’t complicated, it is a defined process that has many moving parts and when you know the steps in the process and work the process you move forward. The bells and whistles come in time. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Just doing the latest thing may give you a temporary boost, and then you level off until you inject another trendy thing. That’s not brilliant business strategy.

A hallmark of our process is keeping you grounded in “realistic expectations.” This process takes time.  Time to know where you are at this moment.  Time to plan a strategy to move forward and measure that forward movement.  Time to recognize each accomplishment and what it took to conquer each hilltop.  JBC works with our clients to tailor a coaching program that will work for you or your team or business in a manner and in an environment where you and your professional team can grow the best.  Please look at our growth offerings, or pick up the phone and call us today to see what we can do for you.   Today is you day!  Seize it!