Bright Futures Possible with a Pink Slip

Are you kidding me?  Who do you think you are?  It is Friday and this week alone more than 40,000 people received a “Pink Slip” and probably many of them will get one today.  Is there any way to insulate yourself from the stress of the Pink Slip? 

Yes there is a way.  I am offering you 5 Solutions over a 5 week period.  This is a series of teleclasses held each Monday at lunchtime.  I am going to give you 5 solutions to go from Fear to Financial Freedom.  You will learn what the #1 issue is that controls your own economy.  You will learn what is killing your success.  You will learn how to write yourself a stimulus check and not wait on the government’s check to come.  You will learn how to take 100% responsibility for your decisions and how that affects the outcome of your financial future.

Interested?  OK….you see those two boxes over there on the right side of this page?  Go over there and fill them in.  You will get an email with instructions on how to pay online and the details of dialing in.  Shortly before our first call you will get an executive summary.

Do you know when a “door of opportunity” is opening up right before your eyes?  This is one of those doors.  Do not wait. 

If you want to have some extra cash in your bank account even if you already have a job, that’s a really good thing!

What do you think this information is worth?  It is easy to find that out.  You can do your own google search and you will find that this series of teleclasses is competitively priced.

For $100.00 you will get:  5 Weeks of Instructional Teleclass, 5 Solutions, 1 Solution a week, 1 Executive Summary per week, 1 real life success example and 1 free bonus class (week 6) for Q’nA.

Join us on the bridge line, beginning Monday, March 23rd at Noon for one hour.  Go right over there and fill out those two boxes and you are on your way.  I will talk to you on the bridge line Monday.