Breaking the Cycle

Sometimes when we are scared, feel totally alone, or we have lost our way through a series of events, we each just wish:   “……would someone just please tell me what I should do next/now…….?”   We’ve all been in rough spots like this before.

One school of thinking is to just ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, and keep on asking anyone with ears.   The result is a confused person who cannot make any decision.

What’s another thing you could do?

You could look at what you are facing and ask yourself:    “Who do I know who has been through this or made this decision before?”   Then you could invite them to sit down with you over a meal or coffee and ask for their advice or what drove their decision.

What else could you do?

Sometimes, the situation and the decision require a “professionals” help.   Then you need to seek a referral to someone who is competent and knowledgeable in the field who get results at a price you can afford to pay or go to a free business who provides these services to the public.

What else could you do?  We are on a roll now……

When we stop and think about all the possibilities instead of default reaction and default mentality we open up a new slew of available options.  This is not the same as asking anyone with ears.  There is a distinction.

What do you need to ask right now?