Breaking Our Focus

Hey, did you just wake up?  March Madness is almost history.  This is what I  surmise from my clients sometimes when they suddenly WAKE UP and discover that the sun is still up when they come out of the office. 

We are all bombarded everyday with things which are intended and on purpose meant to draw our attention away from the people and things in our lives which are important and that you want to attend to.  You big flat screen is screaming at you to buy this, eat here, do this, listen, watch and on and on or you will MISS OUT!  Miss out on what? 

How is this for a bench mark?  Just ask yourself this question:  If I do buy it, eat it, do it, watch it, or whatever will doing this thing put me closer to my goals or will doing this, watching this, or eating this distract me and put me further away from the achievements I WANT to make?

You and I both know the answer!   So exercise your power of choice! 

I am constantly talking to clients and other acquaintances who just role out of bed each day and go through the motions.  It is a comfortable routine.  There is no thought as to how they might do something different.  Even the "back talk" to the local weather guy is the same every morning at breakfast.  How boring is that?  No wonder we feel depressed! 

What would happen, if you just let’s say tomorrow, hopped out of bed and did your routine backwards.  So if you shower first and eat last, then mix it up and eat first and then shower and then drive a different route to work.  Instead of first opening up your email and drinking a cup of coffee work on the first item on your list, or perhaps call a customer and thank him for his business.  Plan a business lunch with a new prospect instead of burgers with boys today, or having your diet microwave meal with a salad in the break room with your co-workers.

Mixing up the routine and putting a little variety in your life can make a huge difference in your outlook.  I know that when I put variety into my routine, my posture changes, I smile more and I have a spring in my step.  I am more confident!  Try it and let me know what happens to YOU.