BRAIN storming

I was on a call recently where the topic of   “BRAIN storming, was being discussed and how to use it in a particular situation.

Being the curiosity seeker that  I am  I pulled up Google and type in the above topic and I came across an article written by Ellen Poliakof and Sally Bee.  I found this to be very interesting when it comes to how we make decisions and how we process information that leads to how we make decisions.  I have always found that when I become educated about something that perplexes me or that causes stress in my ability to solve a problem, come up with unique solutions or whether I am shaking my head at the actions or in-actions of someone I am coaching,  this is where I turn.

So here goes:  These are all facts:

*     a single neuron in our brain can have between 1,000 to 10,000 connections  (we have 100 billion in our brain)!

*     our brain circuitry is “pre-wired” by our genes

*     as children we have a better chance of making more connections “IF” we are exposed to a variety of different experiences, learning environments etc. like language for instance.

*     the idiom “Use it or Lose it” is 100% true for our brain

*     as your gut increases your brain decreases, the reverse also seems to be true, as your gut decreases your brain increases

*    the two sides of your brain talk to each other constantly and they work as a team

*     there are great differences between the male brain and the female brain.

What does this mean?  Let’s take something that we have been discussing since the beginning of the year:  How To Make Great Decisions.

What are you doing today to keep your brain sharp?  I’m not talking about just doing what has to be done, I’m talking about going beyond that.

One of the first things you can do to clear the noise inside is to disconnect from where the noise is coming from.  This does not involve a glass of wine, but rather a  change in clothing, long deep breaths, new scenery, a walk, pushing a child on a swing and just letting go.  If you run to stuff something down or fill a wine glass you are “increasing your gut” and thus decreasing your brain.

I am a big fan of keep brain teaser books around, or sudoko, crossword puzzles or tanagrams, find a word puzzles,  spacial games which are small and can be picked up and toyed with.  All of these are quick and easy and really disconnect you from the noise of the work day.

When you are in a situation where you are required to “Brainstorm” ideas, you may just find yourself drawing a blank.

If you plop down in front of the TV every night, you are truly killing your brain, because it is not making new connections and without connections our brains default to past hard wiring.

What did you do today to make new connections in your brain?