Being Thankful When You Don’t Feel Like It

We’ve all been there, that moment when you know for sure that you need to be and say Thank you and you for whatever reason, just cannot get the words to come out of your mouth.  You turn away and your feel horrible, and as you walk away you feel even worse.  You get in your car and you have the thought on your mind all the way home.

What about this, you flippantly say “thanks” and turn away without true sincerity.  Yep, been there too and said that horrible thing.

Why do you think we do this?

Well, as I age I think I am beginning to understand this dynamic.  We have truly forgotten how to accept something and be gracious about receiving those things and on top of that we have gone from being grateful to feeling that we DESERVE it.

Now this is going to rub you the wrong way, but go with me on this:  think back to just yesterday,,…..uh huh……who were you flippant with in your “thank-you”?

Come on now, man or woman up here.   I know there was at least one.  And if you think you are above this then, who did you say Thank you to very nicely yesterday?  Did you immediately begin a self talking loop in you heard of grumbling and complaining? Yep….that’s what I’m talking about.

If you do not honestly and appreciatively think the person deserves a “Thank You”, then you have another issue, one of common courtesy.  If someone does something for you no matter what it is, turn it around and look from their perspective.  Did that person actually have to be nice, smile, do whatever it is they did for you?  You may think so, but not necessarily so.   Let’s take for example a cashier:  the cashier could have been gruff, never made eye contact and not said thank you or have a nice day, BUT the did, and perhaps they were also having a bad day.

When we do the smallest of kindness through a simple and sincere THANK YOU, we make a small deposit into another life.

Look around you today.  Look, really look at those you encounter and see where someone else needs lifting up.  Things are tough out there and we all need a nice smile and a THANK YOU!



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