“BE” cause!

Recently I was listening to a conversation about our excuses for why we are doing what we do, why we decide the way we do and this phase came up:  “….because……ya da, ya da, ya da……”      The speaker talked about the breaking down the word “be-cause”.      We are a nation of “DOING” not a nation of “BEING”.   We continually define what is happening to us in light of a specific “cause” in the wake of our “being”.  When you compound it you get:  be-cause.

What are you blaming that is “causing” the pain in your life?

You are 100% responsible for all decisions and you are the actual “cause” of all the results, consequences and outcomes of the way you are living and “being” that makes things complicated.

I encourage you to reread this short post and think about what is being said here.

How are you “being” today in your life?

What is the actual “cause” of your pain, difficulty, your trouble?

Look into every area of your life and give a true account of what is going on there.