Basic Instinct and Decisions

What is your “basic instinct” when it comes to making your decisions?

Most of us do not stop to ponder this.

We merely A-C-T!

But, what if you could have a process in place that would kick in and you were able to make any kind of decision in a matter of moments and feel really good about that decision?  How would that make you feel?

I hunch is it would make you feel GREAT!

So, how do I do that you are thinking?

It isn’t as hard as you might think, but it does take some specific steps to put a couple of skills in place so you can remember them and use them appropriately when you get in a pickle.

I encourage you to watch right here for my “How To Make Great Decisions” product which will debut soon.  It is now complete and is being loaded and tested.

Here’s a hint;  You must first “Decide” that you want to make a decision!

Laugh all you want, most people are procrastinators and they put off hard decisions until to remain in the current state of indecision is so painful they have to change.  And if the truth be known, a person who procrastinates is a person who is deciding “NO”.

What do you think?



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