Bad Decisions based on Your Past

Okay, it’s time for some tough love here.

How long are you going to blame your past, for the decisions you make today?

It is my belief that we get into a very “unhealthy” agreement with ourselves about something that happened in our past, and that event, or conversation becomes the bench mark for all of our decisions.  It is as if this one thing now has defined our entire life and we are powerless to change anything.   Well, that is right; you cannot change what has already happened.


You can change what is at the root of that initial event or conversation and thus change the decisions you make from this moment forward.

We all have these “unhealthy agreements” in every segment of our lives and these are like a heavy chain around our necks which fall to the floor and are attached to a 25 pound dumbbell!  We are paralyzed.

Well, since you are stuck there anyway surrounded by your bad decisions, how about we do something constructive while we are waiting for your new thinking to arrive with the chain cutters?

Here’s what I’d like you to ponder there amongst the chains:

Where do I first remember getting a message about (you fill in the blank here and that bland is the thing that’s causing you to make this bad decision)?

Who did I learn this from?

When did what I learn cease to be true once I got old enough to experience things which were the opposite of what I was taught or learned?

That internal struggle right there is where you are stuck.

Let me say that again:

That place of internal struggle between what you were taught, told, mentored to, or modeled vs what you are, and have experienced as an adult are in conflict.

I have a brand new program that will take you step by step through undoing this tangled mess of conflict inside of you so that you can cut off those chains and walk into your own new reality.  One of you own choosing which is in agreement inside of you and on your outside.

The thought of this possibility should indeed make you feel free and light right at this moment.

Look for the pop up box to get your copy of “Making Great Decisions” soon!

What is you biggest agreement and in what area of you life is it in?



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