Awarenss Through Discovery

When we raise our “Awareness” we raise ourselves to a new higher standard.  How does that happen you may ask yourself?  When we begin to be more mindful of what we are thinking, how we are processing it and what we do with that processed information we become part of a group of people who use something called “Critical Thinking Skills”.  This is not some highly academic feat, but rather your own process of making ones self aware of what they take into their person (through your senses), what you do with that information/sensations (such as a pungent odor may make you turn and walk away, or gossip about a coworker which you choose not to pass on, or a confidential memo that accidentally was sent to your inbox and you decide to delete it instead of licking up each delicious word), and finally what your emotional reaction or attachment is to what just came into your personal space.

If each of us stops only for a moment, we can see that we really do not have any awareness at all “in play” at any given time; instead we are on auto-pilot almost 100% of the time.  We have no idea what we do what we do, say what we say or why we feel like we do.  To many of us; it is just the way we have always done or reacted for the past decade and sometimes longer.  So the question becomes:  “Is this way of being serving us?”

Is this serving us in our relationships?    Probably not.  Many of the pitfalls and fall outs of relationships is for this very reason.

What about your career; “Is this serving me in my job?”   Probably not.  We are constantly just reacting to what goes on around us in fear of loosing something big (usually our jobs).

“Is this serving my health and well-being?”   Probably not.  If you are tired all the time and distracted and cannot “turn-off” life once you get in bed then you know!

“Is this lack of awareness lifting me up and moving me forward toward my own wonderful dream?”   Probably not.   I don’t think I need to give you the answer.

What do you want to do with this information right now?

How do you raise your awareness?   From this moment on; start receiving information and then taking three giant steps backward and look at it over there three steps in front of you and analyze it before you toss that fireball elsewhere.  Think before you act.  Ponder before your emotional roller coaster take off down the track.

You my friend are so powerful and smarter than you think you are and you can do just as much lifting up and supporting as you do pulling down and destroying.