Awareness Leads To Growth

OK, so you worked on one of those areas of life that we mentioned last time.  How did you grow?

No, that’s not a crazy question.  When we change a small behavior like our awareness, we actually grow even if it is just a little.  Growth is change my friend and that is a good thing.  By raising our awareness even just one percentage point, you have sped past 99% of the world’s population.  No, I don’t think that is a statistic someplace, although it might be somewhere, but rather it is the reality that I witness everyday in my normal comings and goings.

Last time you looked at one area of your life that stood out for you, this week let’s look at one or two others and see what comes up for you in terms of your awareness about that area of life.

Look again at the list:



Personal Environment (home)



Growth (Personal Growth & Professional Growth)


Relationships (Personal, Intimate, Professional, Social)


Another one which is of importance to you

What two or three come to your attention now?

This week go through the same process of raising your awareness about each one.  Focus on how you can step back and look at the whole picture and decide to put “default” on hold and assess things and how you can lift someone else up instead of beating them up.

Lif e is not a boxing ring where we put on our gloves and climb into the ring everyday to battle and punch it out.  No wonder we are all so tired.  Get out of the ring already!