Awareness in Every Area of Life

Now that you are aware of what awareness is; let’s look at it in other areas of your life shall we?

In the coaching world we talk about the 8 to 10 areas of every person’s life.  Briefly, here they are:



Personal Environment (home)



Growth (Personal Growth & Professional Growth)


Relationships (Personal, Intimate, Professional, Social)


Another one which is of importance to you

So as you can see we have many places where we can use awareness, mindful thinking and many other skills which when employed can garner tremendous results or tear down a person, a business, a life, a relationship, the finances of someone or a business and many, many other things.

My challenge to you is to just take one of these that when you read them, immediately stood out and think about your own awareness as it relates to that place in your own life.

Ask yourself:   What is my default?  How can I raise my awareness?  How can I make a small change right now in my awareness about that area of my life?  What can I focus on during the next 3 days to raise my awareness?

I’d love to know what area of life is key for you on this and what your answers are to those questions and any insight that you gain.