“Awareness” and How It Affects Your Life

“Awareness” is a word which is rarely used today and yet it is one of the key components in your own process of living your life.  Let me explain.  Do you remember when you first started developing into a young woman?  How did you know that something was going on?  You had a definite “awareness” that your body, your mind, and your hormones were kicking in and things were happening.  Here’s another obvious example:  When did you know that you were “pregnant” for the first time?  You probably had a wake up call from your body in some manner and it was a definite “awareness” that something had changed.  Have you ever ordered a meal from a menu and it is placed before you and the steam rising and you smell the aroma of the delicious food in front of you?  When you take your first bite…you have an “awareness” of something.  Perhaps it is too hot, too salty, it is mouth watering good and so on. 

We have all had these experiences and yet we do not use this wonderful skill in our daily life to discern things that require our utmost attention and decision making skills.  I have often wondered why this does not happen.  I know that for me, as a child of a military officer that “my awareness” of my own behavior had a direct impact upon my father’s military career and ergo his ability to provide for our family.  You and I both know that an acute “awareness” is needed when it comes to small children in order to keep them “safe” and “protected”.   We as mothers are on “high alert” most of our adult lives until these children are launched and even then we continue is a disconnected way to be on alert.

“Awareness” is the first step in my coaching process with my clients.  Raising ones awareness is the beginning of freedom for the clients that I work with.  Over the last five years this first step in a process has enlightened many lives.  It is one of the keys to success and a key to unlocking what has always been there, but never accessed. 

When attention is drawn to this one area a person will open right up and the flood of awareness all around which has been there all the time is unveiled.  It is really like a blindfold has been removed from their eyes.  Every thing, every person, every decision looks new and different with their “Awareness” turned on.

Very shortly now I will launch a brand new 12 lesson journey on this process that I have created to help women just like you to find a key to become unlocked.  We are all on this journey called life.  It does not have to be fraught with pain, anxiety, frustration, unmet expectations, fear, disappointment and down right grief and disgust. 

You can life a life full of “AWARENESS > GROWTH >FREEDOM”.