Are you “Authentic”?

The word “Authentic” means:  being worthy of acceptance.

Who among us fits these criteria?

When we are authentic we live life with ease.  We are happy with who we are in our personal lives and in our professional lives.

When we speak, we speak from a place of true sincerity, because that is where we live and we speak the truth.

When we act, we act in a manner that presents this truth in a way that is unveiled in its portrayal of who we really are.

We are transparent in a way that draws others in, who want that same authenticity.

Observe someone that you are drawn to.

What do you notice?

What is it that draws you in?

Is it what they say or how they use their voice to convey a message?

Look closer, what are they doing with their body?

Are the movements confident or timid?  It may be that you cannot pinpoint any one thing, but rather it is a feeling of comfort

and safety when you are around that person that you will be safe and leave their presence in tact and whole.

In our Professional Lives and in our Personal Lives, maintaining authenticity is effortless.

When we are not authentic we become exhausted.  It is like living two different lives.

The one person we really are and the person that we think the world wants to see or that we think we should be in order to  be or do something that we are not.

How are you living today?