Attraction vs Distraction

What has you attention today?

What has drawn you in?  What has attracted your most precious resource, your time?

Perhaps you are plagued by distraction today.  The question is the same; what has claimed your most precious commodity – your timE.

Some attractions are worth every minute, but when they drag into your ability to be productive or stay focused then it is no longer an attraction, but rather a distraction.

Some distractions are wonderful and  replenish that which has been drained, while at other times they drain the very life out of you.

So what is the draw?

Only you can answer that.

The draw of being in constant communication or in touch with others?

If you miss one single email or alert, you might lose the sale of the century?

If you are sitting right beside your son or daughter and you are both deep into cyberspace, one will pass away and the other will move out of the home and that precious time to build a relationship  will be gone.

Today stop and really look at where your time is fleeting away to.