At dawn, noon day, and dusk all of God’s creation singing His praises

Over the past eight weeks, I have been on an adventure coast to coast.  The details are less important than the experiences and interactions with people have had.  A friend of mine was recently in Africa and posted a video of the sunrise, and the sounds of nature welcoming the coming sunrise.  It occurred to me that many, if not all of us take this moment at sunrise, at noon day, and at dusk for granted, and fail to hear the sounds of all of God’s creation singing His praises. What about you?  When was the last time you stopped long enough to hear anything except the pings on your phone, the gurgling of the coffee maker and the podcast you listen to on your way to work?

Experience number two.  I brought along a couple of books to read on my sojourn and on little book in particular, translated into a pile of notes and “A-Has!” for me.  I would like to share some of this wisdom with you here. Read over these items and see what resonates with you today.

  • Time is God’s ultimate form of self-care, especially when you spend your time with Him.
  • You and I have the option to do anything we chose to do, but ultimately not every one of our decisions is beneficial to us.
  • For you that are “Believers” – how many times have you uttered or thought these phrases: “No – I am just too busy,” “No – I am just too tired,” “No – I am not prepared right now,” “No – I am too insecure,” “No – I am too selfish.” Our emotions run wild, they are triggered by the simplest of things and we find ourselves in a mess of trouble in very short order. Everyday “aggravations” push us to the limit, and we become vile, angry, our responses are less than Christ-like and we come away feeling ashamed.

What if you looked at today from God’s perspective?

When we look at today from God’s perspective, we see life very differently.

What if “TODAY” is your divine appointment with God; every action, every word, every hour of your day, and every person you meet was put there by God for you to experience something different?

Many are walking through their life like zombies unaware of anything, or anyone around them.  A big city reminds me of this kind of behavior.  Millions of people walking, riding, driving on every city surface and oblivious to what or who is around them.

Our priorities have totally been tossed in the trash bin.  They have been there for decades.  As Believers we are specifically told over and over in scripture that we are to put “NO ONE, or ANYTHING” above our relationship with GOD.  It is a simple, law, a principle, not a request, it is a commandment from the Most High.  Why do you think God gave us this command?

The answer is simple, when we put someone, or something above God, that person or thing becomes are “god.”  Let’s look at this for a moment. 

  • If you are a workaholic and sleep with your phone, or tech device 24/7, then who is your “god?” It is the work and tech device.
  • If you put your children first and their demanding needs, wants, sports practices, your volunteerism and so on before God, then those things are your “gods.”
  • If you bow and scrap to the demands of your spouse, in-laws, church, and raise your hand every time someone needs something; then guess what? These are your “gods”, not your Heavenly Father.
  • Are you a person who says “YES” without thinking about the consequences of your “YES”?


For many of us who are believers, we may wonder: “God, is that YOU speaking to me?”  Valid questions, right?!  You bet it is, so how do you know if it is God speaking or someone else?  Here are five questions you can use as a litmus test.

  1. Does your “head talk” line up with Scripture?
  2. Is what I am hearing align with God’s character?
  3. Are these messages lining up with what I am hearing in church, reading, and studying in the Word?
  4. Is this message beyond me?
  5. Would what I am hearing please God?

One very important part of your daily time with God is “renewing” your mind.  Please do not overthink this:  Start Simply – Simply Start.

Let me close here by saying this: “We tend to look at our inability and well in our insecurities.  That is not what God has for us.  He is able, if we only give the issue, the serving, the whatever it is to him and TRUST Him!”

God promises this in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

What or Who are you seeking with all your heart?