Arrival and Surgery

While I was having my root beer float; my spouse and his mom were arriving back home about 1 am local time and surgery was scheduled for 6 am that same morning.  A long 36 hours trip and now a 3 hour ride to the hospital and a day of waiting.  Talk about being fried!

My husband and his mom arrived just about 45 minutes before surgery and the tears flowed and my poor father in law had been laying there in traction with out pain meds (due to his age) for 5 days up to now.  He was relieved to see his wife and she was glad to have a strong intelligent son to lean on.

The surgery went well and now my father in law is bionic.  He had a titanium plate and 7 screws to hold that leg together put in.  After the surgery, everyone went home to crash and start again the long process of recuperation and recovery after a major surgery.

Mean while, back at the ranch – ha!- we had another set of cascading failures in our own infrastructure and the thermometer spiked upwards of 105 with a higher heat index and humidity.  I went in to fire fighting mode literally and became the water queen trying to  save several new tees which we had just planted and a patch of new sod which had just been laid prior to our company coming.

Now I have a very big place 13+ acres and it takes about 7 hours to water just the essentials.  Thank God we have a John Deere Gator with a 55 gallon water drum on the back.

SO for the next week that is all I have been doing is to water and try to keep our investment alive.