Are You Still Stuck In A Maze of Confusion?

Last week I attended a conference for business leaders, and it was very eye-opening. Almost every speaker was struck by the same thing they saw from each of their vantage points around the U.S. and from around the world. Can you guess what that is? Most likely, your answer is “NO,” and although I can tell you I had the feeling these speakers were about to express, the way they expressed those items was not the way I would have. I know this sounds cryptic, but it isn’t that dramatic. Let’s explore each one and see if any of these resonate with you right now in your life and career.

  1. I have forgotten “How to Dream.”
  2. I am no longer “Resilient.”
  3. Everything seems to be “Harder.”
  4. I feel “Insecure” in all areas of my life.
  5. I feel there are “Roadblocks” everywhere I turn.

Do you feel like these could be words you say now in May 2022?

I know you do say them out loud, but most certainly, you are uttering them in your head. Where do these thoughts come from, and how do I change them? The answers will surprise you, and I am sure to raise your ere!

  1. Put down all your electronic devices. Are you kidding me? No, I am not joking. Let’s face it – “You are addicted!”  You no longer think for yourself. You simply have lots and lots of opinions, and you have no idea who is putting those thoughts and feelings inside of you. Every minute you stay in front of a screen, you are draining the very lifeblood and energy out of your brain and your body. 
  2. You need “White Space” away from the demands of your work and family to THINK. When was the last time you took a
  3.  walk, took a nap, took a swim, or something else where your mind could disconnect and DREAM again? 
  4. To be “Resilient,” a person must regain their strength and balance in life. We each need 8 hours of sleep [this may vary depending on your age], we need exercise, we need fresh air, we need sunshine, and plenty of water is needed if we are to remain healthy. We need healthy, nutritious food [not from a box], we each need to be loved [everyone has a love language – touch, time, appreciation, gifts, and acts of service] and fulfillment [this can be in a career, hobby, spiritual or something else].
  5. Do you believe life is harder, or is life asking you to change your view of the world as it is today in 2022? Yes, life is much different than in 2019, and every human being on earth has experienced the same change as you and I have. Some to a greater degree than us, and many have suffered extreme loss, but everyone lives in an extreme time of change. You must ask yourself what is real for you and your family. What do you want your life to look and feel like today? What is possible, and what may take longer than you want to give it? Plan and be willing to pivot where you need to pivot.
  6. Your “Insecurity” comes from the fact that “normal” is no longer the norm. Are you worse off than in 2019? Or are you falling into the trap of being told you are worse off? Where does insecurity come from? Let me ask you this, in July of 2019 did you know what your future would be for sure? You did not, but you didn’t feel insecure. According to Psychology Today, insecurity comes from recent failures, being criticized, and perfectionism. You are not a failure. You have had to change your behavior. You are being criticized for your choices because they are being made public and you are not used to having your choices made public. And three; perfectionism will never lead to happiness and fulfillment. No one is perfect.
  7. You may perceive life now in 2022 as a never-ending series of roadblocks. These are detours from what you want and what you need. You need a new perspective and a new roadmap. Roadblocks are in everyone’s life; you are not alone. If you know others who are navigating life, ask them how they do it. You may find it is an adjustment in perspective.

When I have clients who are continuously in the Eeyore mode, I suggest they begin to keep a “Gratitude Journal”. The best time to do an entry is right before you turn out the lights to sleep. This does two things: 1. It ends your day on a positive note, and 2. It takes all the confusion and mess in your head and deletes it, so you can get restful, and restorative sleep.

Please do no say you have anything to be grateful for because you do! If you are still breathing be grateful! If you had food to eat and clean water to drink, be grateful! If you have a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head, write it down and be grateful! You see it is all about perspective.