Are You Being Led or Do You Follow?

Over the past year I have noticed a very disturbing trend of over hyping everything and it is becoming ruthless.  I am drawing a line in the sand here because people, that includes Y-O-U are being led around like a dog in a choke chain or a horse with a cruel bit in its mouth and Y-O-U are just adding it to your already hurting, over burdened life.  Who chooses for you?  I am not talking just about the small things, I am talking about everything! 

Examples are not what I will give here, it goes much deeper than this.  No one is deciding for themselves.  We tip toe around hoping and praying that we don’t upset someone, that we do not appear politically incorrect, that we are on the cutting edge of absolutely everything and if we aren’t somehow our lives will be diminished.  What does this gain you?

My friend it is imperative that:  “if you decide to “FOLLOW” someone, some group or some thing” that you do your homework. 

What I mean by that is:  you and no one else needs to have the answers to these questions…

What is the ultimate goal of the person, group or thing that you are trending with and that you are following?

How does the person, group or thing line up with what you know to be true and what you believe?

When you look, and listen to a “personality”, you must separate the “personality” from the “organization” they represent.

Are you following the “personality” because you identify with them?

Are you following the “organization” because you are aligned with their beliefs?

How many different sources do you actually go and research in order to get a “base line” for your decisions?

When you discuss these “hot topics” of the day with your family, friends, peers, coworkers, and  neighbors what is your purpose for doing so?

Are you furthering your own agenda?

Are you creating “drama”?

Are you creating a “distraction”? 

Are you in the boxing ring with your gloves on ready to take on anyone who is in the opposing corner?

What is your reason for your stance?

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

What do you believe?

How do you know that is true?

Who or What are you devoting your life and your decisions on?

These are not trivial questions.  They are the very ones which cause us great anguish, anxiety and heartache.  These decisions cause marriages to break up, friendships to go by the wayside and jobs to be lost or won based on where you stand in your decisions, right now, today. 

Take a good hard look at who you are following.  Take a good hard look at where you get your information.  Decide who is “worthy” of your time and devotion.  If the person, place or thing is not in 100% alignment or what ever number you deem acceptable or that you can swallow, they leave them right there beside the road that you are on today and walk away.  This is a huge issue, not a small one.  I believe you very life and sanity are at stake.

Here are some more questions, I bet you never gave thought to:

Who is on your decision making team?

Is you team different for different areas of your life?

Who is the person you most admire in your life?

Does that person’s appear congruent?

What about your life…are you “congruent?”  (If you don’t know what this word means…look it up…it’s time you did)

In what areas of your life are you “in-congruent?”

What are aspiring to?

When you get there what will happen?

Is that true?

How do you know that this is going to be true?

If your answer is:  “… and so….or I saw….or I was told…..”  then you are headed for disappointment.  Find out for yourself if what you are putting all your energies toward is true.  Again, it is all about what you believe and why do you believe that, believe him or believe her. 

No one, no organization, no government, no club, association, friend, neighbor or family member can make these decisions for you.  If you are being led, you do so freely.  If this is the case then please “Shut-UP” and stop complaining.  If you are yelling at the top of your lungs and enjoying the activity, then you are creating “Drama” around you to put up a smoke screen, a “Distraction” if you will in order to hide something else.  What are you doing?  Who are you lifting up with this incessant talk and drama?  Who is benefiting from your words and actions?

Have you ever noticed when a political figure is in need of a new image, money, a new job, or is just missing the limelight that they are suddenly everywhere?  Every news outlet is running a story endlessly.  These individuals get there own traveling media entourage.  They are tweaking, they are blogging, they are sending video files of their every move…to what end?   No, really look at this…..what is the bottom line here?  What is their ultimate goal? 

Do you have an answer?

Does that answer align with who you are?

Does that answer further your agenda?

Does that perpetual media frenzy lift up your life and move you forward?

What do they have to do with your life?

What is your reason for being right there on their media team do for you?

What are you letting go of that is important in your life in order to follow this person, organization, trend or thing?

Are you voluntarily being lead around like a bull with a nose ring?  Or are you willingly following someone for your own edification?

What do you really know?