Are you a Soloist? or Are you a Conductor?


We’ve all been to a musical performance, and we know there is always someone for is in charge of the performance.  That person is called the “Conductor.”   Many performances have a person or persons who have been called out to do a portion of the performance alone.  This person is called a “Soloist.”  Each of these individuals is an integral part of a musical performance.  The same is true in business and in the leadership of an individual within an organization.

Which role do you play in the business or organization you lead?

Knowing your role and the key part you play is very important.  For many years I annually attend an event which gave recognition to those individuals who were often set apart from the main group of employees who were brilliant and were the shining stars for a company.  These individuals were soloists in a sense, and they were called “individual contributors,” because they were specialists at inventing new products which always received patents and they were recognized for these.  If you ever met one of these people on the street, you would walk right by them and perhaps even scoffed at their dress.  These soloists are laser-focused on inventing, and the rest of the world around them simply does not exist in their time frame.  Just as the soloist in an orchestra practices constantly to become excellent, so do these folks.   Each is highly specialized.

Do you consider yourself the “Conductor”?  If you are the leader in an organization or an orchestra, your role is very different.  Let’s take a look at the definition of a conductor: 

The primary responsibilities of the conductor are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble, and to control the interpretation and pacing of the music.” ~ Dictionary

Okay, now let’s look at the definition of a leader:

“Being a great leader is all about having a genuine willingness and a true commitment to lead others to achieve a common vision and goals through positive influence. No leader can ever achieve anything great or long-lasting all alone. Teamwork goes hand in hand with leadership. Leadership is about people – and for people.” ~ John Maxwell

These two definitions sound very familiar, don’t they?

So again I ask you which are you?  Each has its place in an organization, and each plays a very different role. 

How are you a “Soloist” in your organization?

How are you a “Conductor” in your organization?



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