Approval Seeker Mask

Well, just from the title, I do  not need to do much explaining here!  Hello, today we begin this series of blogs on “MASKS” in a woman’s life.

Today we are going to discuss the mask of the “Approval Seeker”.

Who is she and why does she wear this mask?

Well these two questions are all tied up deep inside of this woman.  You see she is:

*someone who really cares about what other people think about her

*she is constantly thinking:  “….how can I please those around me today….”

*she believes that it is not OK to say what she really feels lest she be judged and someone not like her any more

*she has no “inner validation”

*”appearing” is much more important than “being”

*she has NO BOUNDARIES in her life.

*her entire life and reason for being on the earth is to be focused on others

*constantly seeks to be responsible for things that actually are the responsibilities of others

*she enables others

How can this “Pleaser” become “Unmasked”?

*She can get in touch with her emotions.

*She can speak openly about not doing what she feels compelled to do.

*She can speak honestly about doing and taking on the responsibility of others

*She can let others see the real woman without the mask.

*She can take care of herself first (remember the instructions on an airplane?….put your oxygen mask on first and then assist those beside you!)

*She can set one boundary a day or a week and let the consequences fall where they fall .

What happens when a “Pleaser” does all of these things?  She becomes FREE!   She begins to discover who she is.   She frees  herself from her  pleasing past.

Are you wearing this mask right now?