When was the last time you were appalled at something you saw on television, heard come out of someone’s mouth or witnessed live?  This is an important question.  When we degrade into the mire and mess that is so pervasive today we are little more than animals in my opinion.

Over the past week, I have been taking the pulse of what is currently “out there” in the global real world that I do not live in or consciously choose to participate in and I was simply appalled at what I heard and saw.  The things that were so base and over the edge of decency I can not even begin to articulate here in this format, because of my utmost respect for you the reader.

Please consider what you are becoming if you are one of the millions who tune in to the filth being shown in the media today.  I’m not talking about the “adult channel lineup” I’m talking mainstream.

If you are a person who is having problems in your relationships, look at what you are allowing into your life or as I like to say “your gates”.  These are the places where you willingly allow “the world” to contaminate your inner personal core.  Do you recall the first time you ever closed your eyes because you didn’t want to see something?  Why did you close your eyes?  Was is too scarey, to gory, to bloody, showed something you didn’t want to see, or what?  Now are you less shocked and do you now watch?  What has happened to you?

You have become “de-synthesized” to the sight of whatever it was.  Are you afraid to jump off a 3 story diving board or to bungee jump off a bridge?  Well, if you do it enough times you will no longer be afraid, what’s the difference?

Everyday, I speak with people in my own community who want what they want when they want it and they really don’t seem to care about what it is doing to their children, their spouse, their reputation, their career, or anything for that matter.  Do you think they just don’t realize that they are so de-synthesized, they don’t see what is obvious to others?  Do you think that these people and perhaps even you, don’t see what is being modeled in front of their children and what they will grow up to do?

Our awareness of what we are doing to our selves, our families, our communities, and our society is fast approaching the point of no return.  We were given a brain to think and to reason but it seems we have turned off our brains and lost all reasoning.

Look back today and see if anything you watched, heard, or engaged in really brought you true uplifting joy, or was it mindless feeding of garbage into your body.

When was the last time you actually fed your brain, your eyes, your ears and your soul with something clean and nurturing?

It’s time!



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