Amy Winehouse and Her Decisions

This past week a pop star met her own tragic end:  Amy Winehouse.

I want to come at this from a very different angle than most writing about the death of this young woman.

In my book “EVE: Reclaiming Your Power As A Woman”, I talk extensively about several very distinctive female archetypes that we as women fall into.  (This book will come out later this year).  Amy represents two very distinct archetypes at the same time.   I want to educate you about these two women so that you will recognize them when see these precious lives and what you can do to help them in their own struggle to “bloom” into their own womanhood.

The first one Amy represents is an archetype entitled “Emerging Eve”.  Now don’t go and get all bent out of shape about the word “EVE”.  “EVE” simply represents “woman”, the “female” of our species.  “Emerging Eve” is typically the young woman just beginning her life and separating from her family home and striking out on her own journey of life.  If this separation comes later in life, she is still in this vulnerable state of “Emerging” into herself and her own life.  This is one aspect of Amy.  She was fairly new to this life she was living and was woefully unequipped to deal with fame and all that this Pandora’s box has to offer.  If an “Emerging Eve” is not fully grounded in her own foundational beliefs and knows what she believes about life and why she believes this, she is in for a huge fall, and that is exactly what happened to Amy.

The second archetype that Amy Winehouse represents is called “On My Own Terms Eve”.   As you may surmise from the title this “EVE” defies everyone, conventional wisdom and lives her life her way and no one can tell her what to do, how to do it or takes any consequences seriously, the “no fear” paradox.  Amy wrote and performed songs that clearly stated that she was the “EVE” and she lived her life to a “T” in this mindset.   Here’s the issue with this:  it is a very short blink of an eye between being and “Emerging Eve” and rolling right into being “On My Own Terms Eve”.   Vigilance is the key to staying in touch with these precious women.  Not to brow beat them or force them through some sort of crisis intervention, but rather to become their partner in creating the foundation they need to be on their own and not destroy the life that lays out in front of them.

Amy’s life stands as an example of what happens when a young woman does not know who she is and how her choices create her own destruction.

Who is your AMY?