At some point during this time of the year, there is a moment when the unseen weight is lifted off your unseen spirit.   Does that sentence resonant with you? 

Today, was that moment of complete relief at 4:16 pm Eastern.  It was at that moment that my personal obligations, commitments and promises to complete this and that were complete and instantaneously I felt lighter.

My personal shopping was all done, all of the wrapping was done more than a week ago, because the holiday company came in and it had to be done, my special events were finished, my personal indulgences with friends were complete, all the company has been picked up from the airport (in the middle of the blizzard….the do land those jumbos!), all the baking and family relative dinners are done and so now….I can focus on just having fun and being in the holidays ahead…

Who will miss the one thing you think you must do in order to measure up to an expectation that is only there in your own mind?

I challenge you to indulge yourself in a nice bubble bath and a soak with some very soft music in the background and just soak it all in and let it all just float away.

Being aware of what is draining you is a big step in your own personal growth.  What is draining you right now?  What would happen if you didn’t do that one thing?  How can you carve out just a little bit of me time?