Affect and Infect

Do you know the difference between these two words:  Affect and Infect? 

Affect means to produce an effect on, to touch our feelings, a feeling, an emotion.

Infect means to contaminate with harmful organisms or noxious matter.

It occurs to me that what we let into our gates (those are the points of entry into our body) dramatically affects us and eventually it over time infects us.  This was very very clear in the last year and up to today.  Here’s what I am talking about. 

Once the US economy started its downward spiral and we as citizens were under a constant bombardment of negative news and headlines every single day, how were we feeling?  We were down for the count.  This infections was felt throughout the economy in terms of confidence in our buying power and job stability.  Right?

On Tuesday, January 20th, what did you see every where you turned that day?  Optimism, Hope, Tears, which was a different face of America than just a couple of weeks before. 

What happened?  How can I keep this positive affect on and in me so I do not become infected?  That is the bigger question we have to grapple with  in our day to day lives.

We must be diligent about what we choose to let affect us.  I mean you must be conscience about what you choose to watch, what to listen to, what to read, what to sing along with, who to hang out with, who to follow, who your influencer is, and so on.  All of these things and people have an affect on you and your life, your thinking, your family, and others that surround you. 

Take a look at what gets past your gates today.  Did every thing and every one lift you up?  Or did they spoil the beauty of the day? 

Take charge of what is coming into your soul and be very aware of what you are putting out there in the world.  You are influencing someone else.