Accountability and You!

What do you think the word “Accountability” means?  You might say:  “….accountability is the action that I take in order to get certain things done which I am required to complete in my current job….”.  You might say: “….accountability are the things that I do to keep my family safe, healthy and happy….”.  Perhaps, you feel that you are not accountable for anyone or anything and that this is someone elses job.  So what does accountability mean to you?

Let me tell you what it means to me.  I am accountable for my thoughts, words, actions, looks, behavior and my life at all times, 24/7/365/for my entire lifetime.  I do not distinguish between work life, and private life.  I do not distinguish between freind or foe.  I do not qualify this trait.  I am 100% responsible and accountable PERIOD!  What about you?

When we defer accountability what we are really doing  is saying that I do not value you or me or whatever it is that needs to be accounted for.  I am not mature enough to do to take responsibility and to be accountable.  Why do you think we like to deflect?  Have you ever run away from a situation where you were accountable and you failed to be or do whatever it was? 

All of these things I am talking about go to our Core Foundation and our Character.  When we create that snowball, masking effect to fool those around us, we can only do that for so long.  Do you know why?  It takes so much energy to maintain the facade of falsehood.  This leads naturally to the next thing which is what do you value?

I have a little exercise here for you, if you are game?  Each of us has someone or a group of people that we look to for guidance, reassurance, and direction in our professional and private lives.  You and I both have several people whom we look up to.  So let me ask you; these people are your “Inner Circle” those whom you hold close and in high esteem.  Answer these questions about them:

1)  Does this person share my values?

2) Does this person share my vision?

3) Does this person influence others in a positive manner?

4)  Does this person compliment me with their gift or skill?

5) Does this person hold a strategic position in my life?

6) What value do they bring to my Inner Circle?

7) How will this person improve me?

8) How will this person fit in the mix with the other members of my Inner Circle?

9) Will this person raise every one’s game in the circle?

10) Does this person show maturity, good character, accountability, and is this person just ahead of you in your path of growth?

Those are really heavy questions aren’t they?  Yet, we almost mindlessly let people influence us and get close to us without these 10 considerations.

Write down all those people in your Professional Inner Circle and in your Personal Inner Circle.  Now read each question and put their name in the place where it says “this person” and so on.  Then write your answer. 

You my friend are accountable for those that you let in your Inner Circle and in your life.  Now is a wonderful time to let go of those who are not valuing you and moving you to the next level.

Be accountable for your own life.