The ABC’s of Capacity

Beginning now and through the end of 2018 we will be discussing the different types of “Capacity” from A to Z.  Just to review here at the beginning; let’s define what our “Capacity” is from the human perspective.  Capacity is our awareness plus our ability plus the choices we make, and these three make up our capacity.

Your Abundance Capacity – this topic of “abundance” has been around since the beginning of time.  Even Eve in the garden was tricked into thinking she didn’t have enough and foolishly believed a lie that ultimately leads to the expulsion of man and woman from a place of abundance. So what about you?  Are you ruled by a “scarcity mindset” or and mindset of “abundance?”   Your answer to this simple question determines where you are in life and your level of satisfaction.  If your glass is only half full and you complain about never having enough; you are living a limiting life, you say no all the time and do nothing and go nowhere, you feel comfortable there in your little bubble of NO.  What I can tell you is that life is very deceiving, and it is also very crowded, because that is where the majority of people on earth live. 

Let’s look at the other side of the “Abundance” coin for a moment.  Those who believe their glass is half full have a high belief in themselves and what they are able to do. Likewise, they believe in those around them too in their ability to succeed.  These folks believe in TODAY vs. SOMEDAY.  The abundance minded people understand the value and power of perspective.  They are generous to others. 

I will ask the question again…where are you in your Abundance Capacity?

Your Attitude Capacity – Abundance and Attitude go hand in hand.  In order to have one, you need to have a positive attitude in order to have the other.  These folks have a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. We need to take stock of ourselves and the circumstance in which we find ourselves from time to time and figure out what to do next.  For there is always an option we just need to avail ourselves of a basic truth:  People do change in their lives, however in order for them to change one of these three factors must be in place:

  1. I need to change – this means that after trying and trying they hurt enough that they need to change.
  2. I am able to change – this means the person has learned enough [on the lesson side] that they want to change.
  3. I will be rewarded for changing – too many this looks like “giving-back,” in other words, they have received enough that they are truly able to change.

Attitude also encompasses a host of other traits that you may have to look deep inside for if these traits are not part of your normal way of being.  Here’s a list of those traits:

  • Humility
  • Teachability
  • Resiliency
  • Staying in the game for the long-haul
  • Celebration

Your Character Capacity – the foundation of every person’s character is based on what they value.  You have heard it said that if you look at a person’s checkbook/bank statement/calendar, you can tell immediately what they value.  A person spends their money and their time on what they value the most.  The character is also said to be the foundation for success.  Choosing to be of good character is something we must decide to do and be every day of our lives.  When a person has good character, words do not need to be spoken for the person’s decisions, and actions speak “Character” loud and clear. When a person has good character it is evident in every area of their lives.  These people are ones whom you can trust, and they come through in times of despair and trouble. When we think of people with high character, we know they will follow-through, be accountable, deliver on time and show up when promised.  This is who they are.

We can easily say that if a person has a negative bent in any of the areas above they are incongruent and not a person of high character. Simply take each sentence in the paragraph above and put the negative spin on it.

Your Creative Capacity –  Creativity is a unique quality to a person because they truly have no limits in their body.  They are constantly coming up with new options, new ideas, and new solutions to whatever is facing them, their friends, co-workers and yes, even perfect strangers.  These people truly believe there is always an answer!  Because they can come up with so many different answers, they believe there is always more than one answer to anything.  They also believe that if they can come up with an answer with everyone else, it is called brainstorming. The more open-ended questions the creative person can ask the more options they can come up with.  It is like opening the door to the universe of answers. The more solutions we have the better the chance we have of being successful in our endeavor. 

If you are one of the millions of people on earth who thinks they do not have one creative thought in their heads, cheer up; ask someone who is creative and alleviate your woes.  You might just need some time away from your normal routine to clear your head and create white space so you can let the creativity begin to percolate in your brain.



Next Month we will talk about “Your Discipline Capacity, Your Emotional Capacity, Your Energy Capacity & Your Growth Capacity

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