A Mother’s Love

OK, today we are going to have a “QUIZ”.  Are you ready?

What are the FOUR types of “L O V E”?

Think back to when you might have learned this is your literature class, or perhaps your ancient Greek history course or some other study that you may have done on “love”.

Let’s take a moment just to look at these four love types and then see where your own mother falls.

1.  “Storge” Love:  “STORGE” is a Greek word for natural, emotional or feeling of love.  An example would be:  A Mother protecting her child.

“Storge” means:  “to cover & protect”

2.  “Eros” Love:  “Eros” is Greek for sexual love, based on the physical attraction of two people.  An example might be:  Intoxication of a woman’s beautiful body sets off the physical and emotional in a male.

3.  “Phileo” Love:  “Phileo” is Greek for strongly attached to.  This love is based on having the same reference points such as beliefs, outlook in life, interests, opinions and so on.

“Phileo” means:  “brotherly love”  an example is:  Phila – delphia – the city of brotherly love.

4.  “Agape” Love:  in the Greek it translates to “walk in love” as to “dwell”  The love is a gift freely given with nothing expected in return.  Here’s a great way to think about this one;  have you ever been swimming or snorkeling?  You are surrounded by water.  It is all around you everywhere.  You in a sense are dwelling for a time immersed in water.  In order to be in the position to go swimming or snorkeling for example we must first give up something that we know for “certain” and then go into a place where we are not sure of what we will find…You know you are excited and you are drawn to it and you believe that something exciting will happen, but you are not sure what that is, but you want it…

So what kind of love did you receive from your Mom?

What kind of love are you giving out to your spouse, children, peers, or others that interact with you on a daily basis?

Mother Teresa said: “…..if you judge people….you have no time to love them.”



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