A Day All About L – O – V – E

While I was thinking about this post I wondered if anyone actually tried to count the numbers associated with L-O-V-E? You know things like: “How many songs about love have ever been written? or How many poems about love have been written? or How many movies about love have been made?” Of course the answer is there is no count because there is no way to count a number which is so high. 

We were created as relational beings and we have emotions which are dispensed automatically into our bloodstream and we are powerless to stop what is natural for us to feel.  Our wonderful senses which we each come equipped with make our life rich with excitement if we understand we need all of these senses to survive and thrive. Today for many is a day of dread, sorrow, hiding, disappointment and for others a day of high anticipation, excitement, and watching the clock or watching and listening. Two opposite ends of the spectrum. 

box of chocolate truffles with red roses

What if L-O-V-E is about something even greater than these superficial things that are gone with the sunrise of February 15th?  What if today were about something much more than flowers, hearts, candy, expensive gifts, meals, or whatever else might be planned in hopes of something more, or a valentine’s tender touch, a call, a face not seen through a miracle of technology, what if…

What if L-O-V-E were found right next door, downstairs, across the street, in the shelter in your town, at your church, in the children’s hospital, at the senior center, at the local soup kitchen where a forgotten Valentine waits and no one will remember, where a person who once was someone’s very special Valentine will not receive a heart shaped box of chocolates, or a bright red heart shaped balloon.  Can you imagine the look of delight when some brings in a bouquet of red roses to person who thinks they are forgotten and unloved?

As you fill you shopping cart with those well planned, thought out love treasures for your “Valentine” think about the “Valentine” next door, down the street, ….who else could use some L-O-V-E today?