9 Days Before 2011!

Time is getting short.   What’s important to you right now, really?

As I have grown up, raised children and set them off in the world, what I have noticed is that we often hear things like:  “….you know I think I don’t care for this or that any more…..maybe my tastes have changed or something…..”  So what are we all out here stressing about.

I have said this before and I will continue to state this until someone out there says:   “….yep…..I have heard that too and I stopped killing myself trying to do everything……”

So this year, I learned that I no longer have to make certain things that I thought have to be on the table.

I learned, I no longer have to have every treat that I think they  “might” enjoy.

I learned, that they are all growing up and moving on to new traditions and that I really like it.

What have you learned?