78 years of continuous decision making!

I have read that the average female in the US lives to be about white male 75.9, white female 80.0, black male 70.0, and black female 76.8  The average for all people is:  77.9 years of age. This information was obtained from:   http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0005148.html.                           Every one of those days that each of us lives is a day full of “DECISIONS”.

Life is one long continuous series of decisions.  So it is vital that YOU know how you make your decisions!  I’d like you to consider something here; just for this moment in time while you read this blog post, suspend all your parameters about decisions, just for a few moments.     Thank you!

Today take the first decision that you will make:   to snooze or not to snooze.

How do you make that decision?

Perhaps it is  an automatic default slam of the hand on the alarm.

What’s next as you stumble from the bed to the bathroom?

How do you make that decision?   This one is probably need based.

Okay, what’s next?    A jolt of coffee, a splash of cold water on your face, a hot shower, roll out of bed and into rumpled clothing on the floor?

You see many of these things are habits, default routines, physical needs and we know how to satisfy these, much like the crying baby in his crib.  He has needs.  He needs feeding so he cries.  He need a diaper change so he cries.  He knows his needs and how to get them fulfilled almost immediately.

Other decisions are not so straight forward in our professional and our personal lives.   We must evaluate, measure, seek others advice, play out a little scenario in our heads, sometimes we just “re-act” to a situation with out thinking at all.    What determines how you make a decision?

I am trying very hard through this blog to raise the readers awareness about what they are doing in and with their life.

What is your age right now?   Subtract that from the number above for the average life span for you.   How many years of decisions do you have left?

Okay it may seem like thousands and thousands of decisions.  All of them will be important,  some may be less important, but all of them impact the direction that your life will take.    If you are like many others this little item; making a great decision; can really trip you us and you become consumed by the what ifs and the I don’t want to look stupid loop, and what if I loose something and on and on.

We are going to explore this over the next few blog posts.

Decision Making is on of the key foundational blocks in your foundational core of your life.

Think about it:   How do you make decisions.