5 Steps To Intentional Growth – Leaders Lead The Way!

Here’s a very important question for you if you are a LEADER:  Are you Leading or are you Lidding?  Yes, you can be a real “LID” in the organization if you as the leader are not growing.  You see when any of us stops learning we stop growing and when we stop growing we essentially put a LID on ourselves and we S-T-O-P.  We not only stop ourselves in our own development, we stop our teams from moving forward also.  This of course stops the upward growth of the organization, our sales, the positive environment of the team, and everything over time grinds to a slow halt. 

So again, take a look at yourself today; when was the last time you actually read a book or article or took a course , or learned something new which you in turned around and taught to your team? 

What is your personal plan of growth?


If you can’t remember the last time you read something or you  invested in yourself, it is time!

Growth is how we each keep fresh, expand our minds, keep excitement in the organization! 

Just as your business needs a “Growth & Vision Plan” so do you as their leader, and by the way, so does each member of your team and each member of your entire organization.

GROWTH isn’t automatic.  Did you know that?  out GROWTH MUST BE INTENTIONAL!

Do you remember when you were released for summer vacation and you burst through those school doors ready to forget about the rules, the books, the boring lectures, and all that homework and testing?  You had fun in the sun on your brain and not much more.  But you also had something else happen to you……..brain leakage….yep….your brain leaked!   You literally forgot some of the great things you learned the year before in school.  Why did that happen?  It is natural for one thing. 

If we don’t use our brains, they are basically lazy and try to get out of doing work.  Let’s face it, they take the easy way out.  So if you do not stay on top of things, keep yourself  on a program of personal growth, you will become mush.  

How to I set about going on a program of GROWTH?

It is a 5 STEP PLAN!


5 Steps To Intentional Growth

1. Decide to grow intentionally

2. Put a growth plan in place

3. Create a growth Environment

4. Make sure you aren’t the smartest person in the room

5. Attend L2 LEARN  – LEAD October 10, 2014


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