21 Keys to Success Tonight!

I will present the 21 Keys for Success In Any Economy on Monday, May 18th, at 7 PM EST.

This call will last 50 minutes. 

You will be able to ask questions for me after the 21 Keys and discussion is presented.


Call:  1-712-421-7726

Enter PIN:  694962#

There are sure to be lots of folks on the call so dail in early.

These 21 Keys were given to a group of  Women-In-Business in New Jersey on a Panel Discussion.  The Business Professional Women of Bernardsville packed a room in the local library full of women who were laid off, worried, starting their own new business, others with issues that involved their families, spouses and just worries in general about the negative world we live in.

I spoke to the point of “How to Stay Positive and Find New Opportunities for Growth in a Changing Economy.”  You see we each have a choice that we are 100% in control of every morning when we wake up.  Do you know what that choice is?  The choice is to “Show up in the world negative and worried and down”; or to “Show up in the world positive, hopeful and full of gratitude”.

How do you want to be seen today?

Join me, Monday, May 18th at 7 pm SHARP (EST).

Call:  1-712-421-7726 and enter Pin 694962# and let’s start talking!