2008 Accountability Letter

Last time I talked to you about being accountable.  Well, I am going to model what that looks like for you right now.  Every year in my own business I send out an Accountability Letter to my professional freinds, colleagues, peer, current and former clients.  Why do I do that?  I write and publish this accountability letter in order to be transparent and to show that I walk the talk.  Here is a shorter form of my letter here for you to read.  I would like to challenge you to write your own accountability letter and send it to your colleagues and clients and see what responses you get in return.  When we put it on paper or type it on our computer it is very uplifting to see just how much we did really accommplish in the past year.  I find it to be a very wonderful uplifting way to end each year!

         In this year of 2008 these are the snowflakes which fell on me and that I sprinkled around not only in New Jersey, but the United States and                   several  foreign countries.  Here is what I have been up to in 2008!

     In the Spring I taught a Business Boot Camp for the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners at Centenary College.  I completed several          CEUs through Columbia University, The Institute of Health and Human Potential and a Neuroscience/Neuroleadership Conference & course held in NYC.   In August I was one of some 400 to complete the week long Break Through to Success Conference held by Jack Canfield in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


Focus Coaching hosted the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association Practicum and their book club this past year.  Focus also hosted the Bernardsville Professional Women’s Association by holding an end of the year Awards Tea poolside.  This December, Focus was one of four Women Owned Businesses which judged the Women in Education Business at Rutgers University.  What an honor to watch young women try their entrepreneurial wings in a safe environment and with Rutgers blessing.  Their hard work and innovation was very rewarding to see in an undergraduate program.





Personally this year, I had many high points and completions, and I am really proud of them.

*I completed my very first book!

*I held my first “Live Event”!

*www.janicebastani.com went live which is my second website!

*I wrote and recorded a 12 part teleclass which is now available on line.

*I started to hold live support calls after the live event

*I am consistently writing in my blog weekly

*Through my many articles on Emotional Intelligence and Energy Leadership, I have been awarded “Platinum Author Status” with e-zine articles.

*I am actively writing articles on Energy Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Women-In-Business.

*I have completed 3 new online growth programs.


As a coach, I still coach clients 1:1.  Coaching 1 to many is the most efficient use of my skills and it reaches more people who need to be lifted up.


Would you like to learn how you can write an Accountability Letter of your own?  Join my next time.  There is still plenty of time before 2008 ends!

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