11 Days until 2011!

So here we are at the last push week before the big holiday of Christmas.    How are you feeling today, right now?

If you are a casual reader this post will be new to you.  If you are on the other hand a reader who follows my blogs, you might say, what is the purpose of asking what is in effect the same thing again?

Well, the answer is very simple and actually, I didn’t invent it at all.  The reason I am asking this same question again is that it is a “Marketing” strategy.   It is a well known fact that the average person has to see and hear an advertisement a certain number of time before they buy it.   The same is true for a person who is “looking” for something and they can’t quite put their finger on it.   The need to hear and see the question or solution, in order to trigger that deep subconscious part of their brain in order to be working on the solution.

Here’s an example:  when you decide that you are just too tired to do those dishes in the sink, what does your mind fixate on?     Those dishes in the sink!

When you walk past the kitchen, where does your mind go?   To those dishes still in the sink.

When you turn out the lights to go to bed, where do es your mind once again go?   The dishes in the sink.

You turn in for the night and you can’t sleep and you toss and turn, but you don’t know why you can’t go to sleep…….could it be those dishes in the sink?

Have you ever just rolled out of bed, done the dishes, and then were able to fall right to sleep?  That is exactly what we do and how this works.

I have a radical idea.     What would happen if you tore up your list of things to do and buy and did not put pencil to paper until January 15th?

Would your world actually end?


Save that gift for the person’s birthday next year instead of buying one more thing.

Ask someone else to make that special whatever it is.

Enjoy the moment and those around you!