10 Ways To Kill A Friendship

Last time we talked about the levels of intimacy and how those are affecting our Professional Lives and our Private Lives.

Today, I want to share how you can kill a friendship.  Look into your own life and see if any of these have creeped in.

10.     Criticism or Competitiveness

9.      Playing the Blame Game

8.     Manipulation

7.    Unwillingness to Confront

6.      Jealousy*

5.     Over Emotional*

4.     Positional dynamics in a female group*

3.     Need to be the center of attention (Rival Relationships)*

2.    Know-It-All (or the “Controller”) *

1.    Nay Sayer

Those that I have used and (*) beside are what I term as “DRAMA”. 

We each know someone who has an  ability to suck in people and more or less feed off of them in each of these 10 ways, in order to feel good about themselves.  They have behaved this way for so long that they are adept and smooth in their performance.

Women-In-Business cannot afford to have any of these on their list of normal business behaviors.  It will kill your future.

Put a name next to each of those top 10 killers of a friendship and see if you feel “Energized” or “Fatigued” by just writing the name and all the “Drama and stress and drain” that comes from just the thought of that person’s name. 

My advice here is to “Eject” them from your life.  Just stop being a part of the whole play.   You can do this in a way that you feel good about it and you know what;   the person will never know you are gone, because you will be replaced by someone who is willing to be in that relationship and get pounded upon, until they wise us and leave.

Next time:  10 Ways to Build A Friendship!