10 Keys to Succeeding In Life & in Business

January is half over and I am hearing the same familiar phrases again.  What is it that causes us to loose all hope that we can stick to something or anything and make that one thing that is so important to us come into being?  What it is that we lack is a reasonable, plan with small steps and a set of skills to carry us from moment to moment.  This is something that recently hit me like a ton of bricks.  It isn’t just one thing, it is many small things which build on us to the success.  Just like it is many small things that cause it not to happen.  We truly just loose all our focus.

Here are 10 things you can do to succeed:

1.   Write “IT” down very specifically

2.  Start at the end and write what happens from the success backwards.

3.  Take a pack of 3 x 5 cards and on each one write one thing that having or achieving this success will bring to your life.

4.  Read these 3 x 5 cards everytime you feel discouraged or stump your toe or have a set back and get right back to the last item on the steps to success

5.  Believe that you will succeed

6.  You must have a passion for the goal otherwise you will not move from where you are right now in self pity.

7.  Have the courage to risk failure.  You have failed many times before, so why not try again with these new skills?

8.  When you stumble, choose determination instead of giving in to the stumble

9.  Be persistent.  My guess is that you have never been really persistent at anything and this will be a hard one for you to learn.

10.  Let go and release all bitterness, anger, hate, old mistakes and past failures.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, these 10 skills, have directly helped me in the past at achieving some of the things that here to fore, I was struggling with.  Changing ones behavior is very hard.  It is however, doable.  As a woman you already possess the tenacity to accomplish anything that you want.  We are strong and determined as women.  When we get one side of our life equation into balance all the rest falls into place also.  When we make a positive change in our business life it directly affects our personal life.  When we make a positive change in our personal life it directly affects our professional life.

Let me know what your success is today!