How are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up?

  My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions Well January is almost finished and you know what that means ~ a full 90% of us have long since left those New Year’s Resolutions in the dust or out there in the deep freeze of winter.  So now what?  Are you perhaps... read more

The Year in Review & 2015 Fresh & New

The Year in Review & 2015 Fresh & New Every year I love to write this letter to you, my current clients, and my friends who have excelled and moved on who were clients, to those of you whom I have met and exchanged cards, and emails with over the past year.... read more

What’s Your Operating System?

Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce – Business Spotlight featured Janice Bastani in an article titled “What’s Your Operating System?”   Check it out on page 3 here.    ... read more

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year!   Welcome 2015!   What are you going to do with all of those wonderful blank white spaces on your calendar this year?  Like many of us, I am sure you already have many dates penciled in with those “known” items, such as birthdays,... read more

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

May Happiness & Peace Reign In Your Heart, Mind, Body, & Life Remember the Joys of 2014 and Release the sorrows, trials and losses for they now part of yesterday. Embrace all that lies before you in the crisp freshness of the New Year that lies before you like... read more

The Hands of Thanksgiving

Look down at your two wonderfully created hands. Did you ever stop and think about how amazing those two parts of your body are? I have been blessed never to have been serious injured on either of my hands, but I do know that when I have had even the smallest cut,... read more

Giving Thanks 2014

  What are you thankful for today? I bet yesterday you were either pulling your hair out trying to get all the last minute preparations done for this BIG DAY OF COOKING, or perhaps pulling your hair out with children out of school under foot, stressed by the... read more

Thank You For Investing In Yourself!

“It is a wise man who invests in himself.”  When was the last time you invested in yourself?  In our fast paced world, we are forever saying:  “I don’t have the time”.  The reality is that we do not “VALUE” the time we are... read more

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What They Say

I am fortunate to have had Janice Bastani as my coach
Kim Marino
Business Owner, Career Coach, Resume Writer, Life Coach Ft. Collins, Colorado
The best coaches are focused, intuitive and challenging
Patrick E. Donohue
Director of Research & Development, Glenbard Township District 87

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