Your Life Can Be a Great Story

Intentional Living 2016 by Janice Bastani “Your Life Can Be a Great Story” I would like to start out this month by asking you to participate in a “Visioning” exercise.  A visioning exercise is simply where you and I decide to close our eyes and envision something. ... read more

Extreme Self Care

Extreme Self-Care, what does this mean to you?  When was the last time you indulged in this practice? If you are like most women, you are probably not even on that long list you have currently or if you are you are dead last on the list.  Why do you think that is? ... read more

Staying at the top of your Game!

By Janice Bastani a Ruby Hill Resident 2015 is just about in the history book. How would you rate your year? In this final issue of Ruby Hill Living for 2015, I would like you to take some time and reflect back over your entire year. Thoughtfully evaluate all the... read more

End of the Year Exercise

We are a short 24 days until 2015 is in the history books.  Every year at this time, I give my clients an assignment that I learned long ago to help me and them to refocus and prioritize for the coming new year.  I would like to challenge you to do this exercise and ... read more


Thank You for attending LIVE2LEAD 2015!   On Friday, October 9th,  50 very wise individuals Intentionally boosted their professional and personal lives by attending LIVE2LEAD! Being “INTENTIONAL” is something we all must decide to do, we must set aside... read more


LIVE2LEAD We are ready for you at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center  Friday, October 9, 2015 Have you secured your seat up front? Please join the tens of thousands around the globe for this John Maxwell Leadership Event Broadcasting live from Atlanta, Georgia... read more

Intentional Leading

How do you lead your team?  Are you leading your team, your business and even your family with “INTENTION“?  We are a reflection of the things we value at our core, in our lives, both professionally and personally.  What is your life saying about what you... read more

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