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“Brilliant” is a term which means talented and intelligent. Every one of us wants to exhibit and show that we are indeed “Brilliant” in our professional lives and in our private lives.

The challenge is how to showcase your brilliance in a way that sets you apart from others.

As a Personal Growth and Leadership Coach  I want to add value to your personal life and to your professional life.

On any given day a random “Google” search of the most searched phrases on the internet that people are looking for answers and information on these words: “Decision Making”, “Relationships” and “Stability/Balance”.

Not surprising to me or you I imagine…

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“If you are not growing you are dying”

In nature everything is either growing or dying. So too are we in our professional lives and in our personal lives. We are by nature curious and want to find out the how, the why, the what in every area of our lives. We cannot advance if we are not continually learning and growing. What did you learn today to continue your personal growth?Many are looking for a magic, silver bullet solution, and there is none.



We at Janice Bastani Coaching believe in order for your business to grow the coach and the business owner are engaged in a partnership.

The business owner brings the goals, and challenges to the table and the coach brings the questions and helps provide the support to bridge the gap from today to tomorrow.

We each have a piece of the success puzzle.



“Everything rises and falls on “LEADERSHIP”
~John Maxwell.

Janice is one of the founding members of the John Maxwell Team. Everyone is a leader. We lead in our businesses, in the areas where we volunteer, we lead our families and we lead in virtually every area of our lives. Becoming a great leader does not happen overnight. We may have traits which are the raw material.
We can teach you how to develop the leader that lies within you.

Our approach is to begin with where you are today and come along beside you as a partner in your growth and development. We have many quick start programs so you can put your toe in the water or take a test drive to see what fits into your life.Janice Bastani

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We here at Janice Bastani Coaching want you to succeed.  You may ask:  “How do you do that?”  Over the past two decades and thousands of clients, we have developed a proven coaching program for our clients to see results where before they saw only challenges.

Our coaching programs look like this:  awareness growth   freedom.

The first segment of any coaching program you may choose begins with “awareness”.  We take a look at where you or your business is today.  Think of it as looking down from the 30,000 foot level.  This may involve assessments, questionnaires, intake sessions, and other specific items which will give us a real time assessment of where you are when we begin.

The second segment of our coaching programs is “GROWTH”.  Once we know where to begin, it is time to form a strategic partnership between the coach and client in order to formulate a plan to get you from today to the goal or dream of your future.   Between each coaching session you the client will be accountable for the items on your plan to reach your goal.  When we meet each week to  discuss your progress, your coach will help coach the gaps, challenge your assumptions, kill those nagging gremlins which pop up and they will week to week.  We will continually evaluate your progress in terms of keeping the end in mind and there will be times when detours will happen.  Your coach will help you get back on track and hold you accountable to your goal.

The third segment of every coaching program is “FREEDOM”.  We believe this is the most overlooked part of the coaching client relationship.  Each and every success represents you getting one step closer to your FREEDOM of accomplishing what you came to us to work on.  We believe each success needs and indeed must be celebrated. Too often we have noticed clients dismissing this part of the process.  When a person feels dry, and empty of not reaping the benefits of successes, they do not operate at their best and be positive in their day to day operations and behaviors.

“You cannot give what you do not have.”
This very famous sentence is actually from the book of Leviticus, although many have claimed this as their own. Here is the original text: “You cannot give other people wells if you do not drink from this yourself!” In all likelihood you too have used this phrase to describe your own inadequacies in your business, knowledge, skills or even expertise. This is WHY it is so important to stay at the top of your game. Just look behind you, there is someone right on your heels looking to be on the top of the success mountain. When we are empty whether it is emotionally, financially, spiritually or physically, we do not have what is needed in order to give back. This is the “WHY” we here at Janice Bastani Coaching feel it is so important to be well balanced in every area of life. When we become obsessed with work, putting in 50 – 60 hour weeks, this will tear down relationships, take away precious sleep where our bodies use that time to repair, rebuild, and to solve problems, when we have a calendar which has zero white space [that means days without any appointments], we actually block any ability to come up with new and creative solutions and ideas. We must all disconnect and unplug.

Our mission is this, when you leave each coaching session you feel as if you have been refreshed, renewed, and have the confidence to go back into your world and be an effective boss, employee, spouse, father, mother, and volunteer. Once our time together comes to an end, we want you to feel accomplished, equipped, and full of vigor to tackle anything that may come your way in your personal life and in your professional life.

Preparation For Growth

When we speak of growth in the business world what comes to mind?

Perhaps you immediately think of being raised to a higher level in the organization.

What comes to mind in your personal life?

Here, you may be looking to improve your relationships, or improve your finances. When we speak of personal growth, what comes to mind? Chances are, you may not have given this category much thought at all, or known of its importance in your life.

Each of these two areas of life goes hand in hand in the preparation for growth…

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    What’s In It For Me?

    That is the point isn’t it….what do we have that others do not and how will it help you in your current dilemma? The answer is really quite simple if you will remember this: “There is not shortcut, there is not magic pill, or silver bullet nor is there an all-encompassing program out there which will do the work for you.” Far too many times I have personally interviewed a prospective client only to hear what hasn’t worked and how many programs, products, and consulting sessions they have had with little to no results. The missing piece was “THEM”, rolling up their sleeves and doing their share of the work. If you are willing to meet your coach halfway then you will find out there is so much more to living and doing business in a fulfilling way.

    Janice Bastani the owner of Janice Bastani Coaching received her first official credential in 2004, but she was coaching and mentoring long before that date. She has thousands of coaching sessions under her belt, along with mentoring students and clients, keynote speeches, articles on the web, hundreds of blog posts, more than 8 professional credentials, certifications to give and debrief assessments and two published books. She is more than qualified to help you with whatever you are currently facing.

    Janice Bastani

    About Janice

    Janice Bastani is a certified executive leadership coach and holds many credentials in the coaching arena. Her credentials include the following certifications: Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Energy Leadership Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Global Group Coaching Coach, NeuroLeadership Coach, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Mentor & Trainer. Janice holds certifications to give and debrief Energy Leadership Assessments, Level One DISC assessments as well as being a Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Personality Profiling, along with several others in her faith ministry for Spiritual Gifts, and Strengths Profile. She is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. Janice holds a BA in Journalism.

    Throughout Janice’s life she has been an avid volunteer filling the gap when “Leadership” was needed. She contributed to the USGSA by becoming a Master Girl Scout Trainer for over 10 years; helping moms become troop leaders.

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    She also, dived into her daughter’s local pony club by leading as a district manager for over 6 years. While her children were at home in school, Janice was a PTA member, art docent, and substitute teacher, teaching “S-O-S” – Study and Organizational Skills to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

    She has been married to the same wonderful man for 40 years, has two married daughters and one grandson whom she and her husband adore. Janice is a published author of several books, has been interviewed in the US and Canada on the radio, news stations, and podcasts. She writes extensively for several publications including her own blog. Janice’s passion is helping others discover what they believe, why they hold that belief and discovering that they can alter their future by changing their beliefs. She is thrilled when someone she works with suddenly discovers these answers and their lives are forever changed. This is what fuels her from day to day.

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    We have some 21 [twenty-one] growth opportunities, from a no-barrier entry point of $ 0.00 [FREE] to our most coveted relationship, that of being a one on one client with Janice.